Keep Essential items on The Study Table During online class

Nowadays children’s education is going on online mode only, in such a situation, keeping these items on the study table can increase the productivity of your child. Since the arrival of Corona period, the classes of children have shifted to online mode instead of offline mode. In such a situation, it is also a challenging task for children to sit in front of the table for a day’s class.

Often children have to get up from place to place to get the items they need, which is why the concentration of children keeps moving here and there during online classes. This type of disturbance can also affect the performance of your child, for this the best solution is to organize the study table of the children.

In today’s article, we will tell you about some important items, which you should keep on the study table of your children. All these items will be helpful in increasing the productivity and performance of the child, as well as the child will not have to get up from his place again and again after setting the table properly.

Place tablet or laptop on the table

If children sit in front of a large screen while studying, they find it easier to see and understand things. Apart from this, while reading the children, you will also be able to see what is going on on their screen. There are many dangers of using the phone while charging,

In such a situation, a laptop is a more safe option for children. Whether it is a power point presentation or other projects, this work can also be done better on a laptop. Therefore, during online classes, tablets or laptops prove to be more helpful than mobiles.

If there is a phone then use the holder

If you have a phone with you, don’t forget to get a phone holder for kids. With the help of the holder, the phone remains in one place, which reduces the risk of falling and breaking the phone. At the same time, by keeping the phone in one place, children are able to read with more concentration.

Keep water bottle on the table

If children get up again and again to drink water while studying, it wastes their time. In such a situation, many times when the teacher is explaining the important things, then your child is not in front of the screen. That is why it is very important to have a water bottle on your child’s study table. If you want, you can also keep fruit juices and healthy drinks in the bottle, so that your child will enjoy reading for a long time.

Comfortable chair and table

Studying can be good only when the child is sitting in a comfortable place to study. Therefore, keep the height of the table and chair according to the height of your child. This will prevent the child from bending over or looking up too high. Your child spends around 6 to 7 hours at the study table, so choosing a better seat becomes all the more important. A good seat is also helpful in making your posture good, so take care of the baby’s sitting area.

Book holder for books

Most of the people keep books in wooden cupboards, due to which the child has to get up again and again to get the book. In such a situation, a book holder should be kept on the study table of the children to keep some important books. According to the time table, the child can keep his books in the holder, while after the class is over, keeping them back in the cupboard keeps the study table organized.

Keep essential items related to stationery on the table

Along with the book, keep small items related to stationery on the study table. It is very helpful for your child to keep things like pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, marker, highlighter and sketch set in the pen stand. In such a situation, all these things are helpful in increasing the productivity of the children.

Hang notice board on the wall

Teachers often give your children important assignments to do. In such a situation, children often forget about these things, but if children keep a noticeboard around, then they can write these important things in front of them, so there will be no risk of forgetting homework, tests or assignments. Children can put all the important things like their time table exam date on the notice board, so notice board near the study table is very helpful for your child.

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