Memory Boost Tips Memorize Answers for Exams

To make the mind sharp and active, it is very important to keep reading books and newspapers. But is the mind absorbing what you are reading? Is it that you are just reading, but nothing is actually being recorded? This happens to most people, but there are some people who can remember what they read for a long time. Whereas for some people it is difficult.

He neither remembers the name of the book nor any part. In such a situation, if you think that this problem is only yours, then it is not so at all, according to scientists, the memory of the human brain ranges from 1 terabyte to 2.5 petabytes. 1 Terabyte is approximately equal to 1024 Gigabytes and 1 Petabyte is equal to 1024 Terabytes. Some scientists also say that the capacity of storing data in our brain is unlimited.

With this you can get an idea of ​​the capacity of the brain. But still the question arises that why do we forget after all? The simple answer is the way of reading. If you change the habit of reading, then it will be easy to remember or remember what you have read.

Write in Points

Memory Boost Tips Memorize Answers for Exams

When reading a book, keep a pencil in one hand. While reading the line or word in which you are doubtful or do not understand, then draw a line under it with a pencil and understand its meaning. If there is a word, write it on the copy with a pen, look up its meaning and write. By writing, you will be able to remember the meaning of that word better. If you are reading a book of history,

science or general knowledge to increase the information, then definitely write the important information from it in the copy. It is also to be kept in mind that instead of writing in long lines or paragraphs, write in small points. If you make pictures together, then you will be able to remember better because according to research, it is easier to remember from the picture.

Read The Word Carefully

The limit of reading has to be fixed but not the books but the limit of reading carefully. If you have decided to read the entire book within a week, you will only be able to read, learn or remember it. Instead of reading five or seven pages or parts every day, then read carefully. There is no rush to read. So read and understand every line and word carefully. Then it will be easy to remember it.

Discuss The Topic

The famous American physicist Richard Fineman also believes that if the most effective way to remember any topic, then it is discussion. Read a text from a book you are reading and discuss it. Tell others about it. Discuss what you have understood or learned with friends or family. If you get stuck or forget a part or point, read it again and discuss it again.


That is, whatever you are doing at this time, you have to focus your attention on it. Do the same exercise while reading a book or topic. Usually we have a habit of doing many things at once. We do the same thing while reading a book. This distracts attention and does not remember what you have read.

According to research, if one hundred percent focus is done on one task at a time, then memory power increases and it becomes easier to remember. If you are reading a book, then read only the book and read it at a time when all the work is done so that there is no room to get up in the middle.

Stay away from gadgets

Mobile is the biggest reason for distraction. And this is the reason that when you read a book, you are not able to read carefully. When the mobile key ring or notification comes, then all the attention goes on it. In such a situation, how many minutes and hours are spent on this, it is not even known. Therefore, while reading a book, keep mobile, laptop or any such object which causes distraction, keep them away or put them on silent.

Take Care Of Your Interests

If you do not take care of your interest while choosing any reading material, then neither will you feel like reading nor will you remember anything. Even when choosing a book on someone’s advice, consider your own interest as paramount. Underline only those parts of the book that you find interesting so that it is easy to remember even when you look back. If you are reading a book but don’t find it interesting, leave it there. It’s better to spend time on another book than to spend time on it

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